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Partnerships with CIL Ltd:

CMLARR has institutionalized partnership with Coal India Ltd, the largest coal producer in the World, contributing around 82 percent of the Coal Production in India.
As a part of this partnership, the CMLARR team visited all subsidiaries, held extensive consultations with all stakeholders, prepared a comprehensive courseware and is organizing fortnightly courses for the LARR specialist officials in CIL. So far 60 specialist officers have been trained at ASCI. CMLARR also provided comprehensive inputs for CIL R & R policy, 2016.

MoU with Indian Institute of Coal Management, Ranchi
Objective of the MOU

A)To promote and enhance academic interest between IICM and ASCI in the area of Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation (LARR) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
B)To promote training, consultancy and research between institutions in LARR/CSR/Other areas of mutual interest.

Technical Areas of Collaboration
A. Capacity Building:

Joint capacity building interventions for Officers of CIL in the area of LARR.
(a) Short duration programs (two/three/five days) for officers of Coal India.
(b)Training of Trainers Program on Management and LARR/CSR
(c)Joint Certification Courses with Modules on Mining by IICM and LARR/CSR by ASCI
(d)Induction Courses on LARR/CSR for managers.
(e)Refresher Courses on LARR for officers for updation of knowledge
(f)Short duration sensitisation courses on LARR for Senior Management
(g)Other capacity building activities mutually agreed upon by IICM and ASCI.

B.Research and Consultancy on LARR: Joint research and consultancy on LARR
(a)Case studies in LARR and CSR
(b)Social Impact Assessment
(c)Resettlement Planning
(d) Evaluating CSR/R & R Interventions
(e)Other areas of mutual interest

Other LARR/CSR Activities: IICM and ASCI shall initiate other activities as deemed appropriate by both parties through mutual consent