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Alienation and Restoration of Tribal Land in Jharkhand

This paper examines the ongoing processes that lead to the alienation of adivasi land in Jharkhand, the legal provisions meant to address this problem, and the problems with the working of the law in practice.

08/10/2005  Economic and Political Weekly

Big Dams and Protests in India: A Study of Hirakud Dam

This article examines the movement against the construction of the Hirakud dam in Orissa. It is evident that the domestic resistance to the project was variously compromised by nationalist rhetoric, imperatives of state development and absence of transnational support.

09/01/2010  Economic and Political Weekly  Vol xlv no 2

Coal Mining and Rural Livelihoods: Case of the Ib Valley Coalfield, Orissa

This study analyses the diverse positive and negative impacts that coal mining has on the livelihoods of local communities of the Ib valley coalfield in Orissa. Using the sustainable livelihoods framework, it shows that coal mining, which is a form of physical capital, contributes to the enhancement of financial capital.

October 31, 2009  Economic and Political Weekly  Vol xliv no 44

Coal Sector Loans and Displacement of Indigenous Populations

This paper deals with the issue of displacement of the local communities as part of the Coal India mining project in Parej East in Jharkhand. It analyses the report of the World Bank’s inspection panel, which examined the complaints regarding the handling of resettlement and rehabilitation of project-affected persons by Coal India.

05/06/2012  Economic and Political Weekly

Comparative Evaluation of Land Acquisition and Compensation Processes across the World

One of the key challenges in the development of infrastructure in India is the acquisition of land necessary for the projects. Land acquisition techniques adopted across a variety of other countries are reviewed in this paper. Although no single “best practice” exists, viewing land acquisition practices through a framework of principles, processes, and compensation mechanisms allows us to position the Indian experience within the international context.

6/08/ 2011  Economic and Political Weekly   Vol xlvi no 32

Delays and Cost Overruns in Infrastructure Projects: Extent, Causes and Remedies

This study, based on a large dataset of 894 projects from 17 infrastructure sectors, attempts to answer certain important questions on time and cost overruns in publicly-funded infrastructure projects.

 22/05/ 2010  Economic and Political Weekly  Vol xlv no 21 43

Development and Displacement Land Acquisition in West Bengal

The article is concerned with the process through which agrarian land is acquired to build up infrastructure, industries and various services, in the process displacing people from their traditional occupations and livelihood. In particular, the focus is on the recent strife in West Bengal over such acquisition.

21/04/2007  Economic and Political Weekly

Displacement and Rehabilitation of an Adivasi Settlement

This paper describes the process of relocation and rehabilitation of villages populated primarily by sahariya tribals in Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh. It examines the rehabilitation package offered, the process followed for relocation and resettlement and the impact that this shift has had on the livelihood of the affected people.

19/07/2013  Economic and Political Weekly

Displacement and Relocation of Protected Areas: A Synthesis and Analysis of Case Studies

Relocation of human populations from the protected areas results in a host of socio-economic impacts. In India, in many cases, especially relating to tribal communities that have been relatively isolated from the outside world, the displacement is traumatic from both economic and cultural points of view.

05/12/ 2009  Economic and Political Weekly  Vol. Xliv

Displacement from Land Case of Santhal Parganas

Despite the existence of tenancy laws that seek to protect adivasi rights to land in the Santhal Parganas, recent years have seen the considerable transfer of land from adivasis to contractors mainly through privately negotiated, temporary lease arrangements. This has serious implications for the employment and health of local populations as well as for the sustenance, in the long term, of common property resources and local livelihoods.

08/10/2005  Economic and Political Weekly

Displacement in Singrauli Region: Entitlements and Rehabilitation

Loss of livelihood and displacement has become a recurring feature for the people of Singrauli, on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, due to the construction of dams and power and mining projects over the last five decades.

19/12/ 2009  Economic and Political Weekly  Vol xliv no 51

Displacement with State Subterfuge Case Study of Indira Sagar Pariyojana

In the years following independence, mega dams were seen as popular and potent emblems of reconstruction and regeneration of a new nation. In more recent decades, however, the intrepid and often epic struggles of project affected people have not only succeeded in raising grave doubts about the net public benefits of mega dams, they have also led to an incremental, even if grudging and still highly inadequate acknowledgement under public policy and law, of the rights of the affected peoples.

26/11/2005  Economic and Political Weekly

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