Economic Perspectives on Resettlement and Rehabilitation

What constitutes adequate and appropriate resettlement and rehabilitation of people displaced by development projects has been the subject of considerable debate. This paper presents the case for a national policy on resettlement and rehabilitation and discusses different principles that have been proposed as possible bases for such a policy.

15/06/1996  Economic and Political Weekly

Endemic to Development

The recent killing of 12 adivasis and one policeman in police firing in Kalinga Nagar in Jajpur district of Orissa must be viewed against the background of the expansive and at times explosive process of capitalist development.

21/01/2006  Economic and Political Weekly

Forced Displacement: A Gendered Analysis of the Tehri Dam Project

Development-induced displacement has brought about a profound economic and socio-cultural disruption to the victims of displaced communities. While forced displacement affects both men and women, women experience displacement and relocation in a particularly gendered way.

1/12/ 2012  Economic and Political Weekly  Vol xlviI nos 47 96 & 48

Governing the Urban Poor: Riverfront Development, Slum Resettlement

The politics of inclusion in the Sabarmati Riverfront Development project, an urban mega-project in Ahmedabad, has been predicated on a “flexible governing” of the residents of the riverfront informal settlements.

14/01/ 2012  Economic and Political Weekly  Vol xlviI no 2

How Can ‘Beautiful’ Be ‘Backward’? Tribes of India in a Long-term Demographic Perspective

Although the demography of tribal people cannot loom large in India’s overall demographic scene, demographic features in tribal societies have often been distinct and distinguished both in historical and comparative perspectives.

22/01/2011  Economic and Political Weekly  Vol xlvi no 4

Illegal Coal Mining in Eastern India

Commonly presented as arising from poor policing and corruption, and as destroying the environmental commons, “illegal” production and marketing of coal is a significant aspect of everyday life in eastern India.

08/12/2012  Economic & Political Weekly

Impact of Rehabilitation Policy and Low Crop Yield

The rehabilitation policy adopted by the Orissa government in the Rengali Dam project cannot be condemned blindly. It has treated all displaced households equally and also increased the size of people’s landholdings.

25/06/2012  Economic & Political Weekly

Industrial Displacement: Looking beyond Cash Compensation

Cash compensation for the rehabilitation of displaced persons does not make much sense if the displaced ought to be reasonably compensated in terms of meeting all the benefits that the land provided.

02/06/2007  Economic & Political Weekly

Inefficiency and Abuse of Compulsory Land Acquisition

This paper focuses on two aspects of the laws that govern the acquisition and transfer of agricultural land for other purposes: (a) litigation over compensation, and (b) the regulatory impediments obstructing voluntary land transactions. It shows that there is excessive litigation under the current land acquisition law.

12/05/, 2012  Economic and Political Weekly  Vol xlviI no,19

Involuntary Displacement: A Few Encounters

This paper discusses the rehabilitation and resettlement programmes for people affected by infrastructure and industrial projects in the country. It considers aspects such as intensity of involuntary displacement of people from their productive assets and its effects, induced urbanisation and the role of funding organisations and NGOs. It also looks at voluntary displacement, which has resulted in the depletion of large tracts of productive land.

March 1, 2003   Economic and Political Weekly  907

Issues Related to Implementation of the Forest Rights Act in Andhra Pradesh

The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006 has been passed by Parliament to address the injustice done to tribal and adivasi communities and other forest dwellers.

April 30, 2011  Economic and Political Weekly  vol xlvi no 18

Land Acquisition and Compensation

This paper reports results of a household survey in 12 Singur villages, six in which lands were acquired for the Tata car factory, and six neighbouring villages, with random sampling of households within each village.

25/05/2013  Economic and Political Weekly  Vol xlviii no, 21

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